Julietta, GA

Juliette, GA is a quaint little town located in the very heart of Georgia in the Southeastern United States.  Juliette is famous for being the filming location of the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes,” and even though that film was produced over 25 years ago, Juliette, GA, is still pretty much the same as it was back then on the film set. The sets used in the filming of the movie were used to create a small tourist area containing a fully functioning business in the Whistle Stop Café.  Several other movies were also filmed here, including the 1974 movie “Born to Kill” (the Cockfighter), 1975 “Return to Macon County,” and in 1986 “A Killing Affair.” This little town has so much character. You will love it and want to explore it. There are some great places to see, shop in and eat at in the town.

The community of Juliette is located in Monroe County and is unincorporated. The town is named after a railroad engineer’s daughter and formed when two communities, formerly known as Iceberg and Brownsville, merged.

Also located in Juliette is the Robert W. Scherer Power Plant, called Plant Scherer. This coal-fired power plant is comprised of four generating units, which can each produce 930 megawatts.  Plant Scherer is one of the largest power generation plants in the nation.

Located just 10 miles from the town is a national historic site, the Jarrell Plantation. This national historic site was once a cotton plantation with slave labor run by the Jarrell family for more than 140 years. Today the site is part of the National Register of Historic Places and contains artifacts and buildings from what is known as a “middle class” Southern plantation. Prior to the Civil War, the Jarrell Plantation was one of more than 500,000 cotton production plants that produced up to two-thirds of cotton for the entire world. The plantation survived a typhoid fever outbreak and emancipation. Once the Civil War ended, John Jarrell continued to run his farm and increased it to over 1,000 acres, utilizing the assistance of former slaves.

Each year on February 14th, Juliette, Georgia, and the village of Romeo, Michigan, offer a specially created dual postmark, a tradition that started in 1994.  This unique tradition celebrates the well-known play of William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.

Recreation in Juliette, GA

Georgia Power owns the man-made Lake Juliette. They create dams for their power plants, and the resulting lakes offer excellent recreation around the entire state of Georgia. The area around Lake Juliette remains largely undeveloped and offers peaceful seclusion and natural beauty. Local fishermen enjoy frequenting the lake to try their hand at catching bream, crappie, and bass and are not often disappointed. Boats with more than 25 horsepower are not allowed on the lake, and neither are jet skis. There is a boat launch and campground located at the south end of the lake, and at the north end is a picnic area and a boat launch.

Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge

The cotton farming carried out in the 1800s destroyed much of Georgia’s wetlands and natural forests. The Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1939 and is only five miles from Juliette. This refuge has returned some 35,000 acres of land to their former natural state, and many of the natural trees are regrowing in the area.  Some species of birds have not been seen for decades, and some endangered birds, such as the Red-cockaded woodpecker, are slowly returning to the area. The refuge is open to the public, with no cost associated with entering upon the lands.  Hunting and fishing are allowed to take place in the refuge when the seasons are open, and there are plenty of well-placed platforms and trails available for wildlife photography and bird viewing.

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