Julietta, GA

Local Restaurants & Shopping

Happy Family eating at the Whistle Stop Cafe

There are several really great restaurants located in Juliette, GA.  The one that Juliette is now famous for is the Whistle Stop Café, where they serve up those famous fried green tomatoes. If you have not tried fried green tomatoes, you really should make the effort to stop in and have some. You seriously will not regret that decision. The menu offers many different dishes, all of them satisfying and tasty. The rooster strips are a big hit with the locals, and sweet potato sticks are something that you should try if you want a unique dish to remember Juliette by.

There is the Whistle Stop Express if you want a bite to eat but do not have much time to sit down and relax. The Riverview Café offers many tasty dishes and a relaxing place where you can get a great view of the river. If pizza is more to your liking, the local restaurant Rum Creek Pizza is an excellent place to get a pizza either for yourself or to share with your friends and family. There is a winery that is definitely worth you taking the time to stop in and sample the area’s local wine.